Statement of Business Values

Pinehouse values the mastery of cultural skills, the practice of generosity, the development of independence and encouragement of the sense of belonging in order to nurture the health and well being of its citizens, and as such PBN will base its operations on the following set of business values:

  1. All developments and investments should reflect the protection and stewardship of the Northern environment.
  2. Responsible use and management of resources that reflect the long term balance of the eco-system and the traditional usage of the northern landscape by its indigenous residents.
  3. Relationship building with neighbouring communities, industry, government, public sector and outside businesses is key.
  4. Developments and investments should be based on sound business practices and should not be influenced by politics or social pressures. Accountability (financial and policy) shall govern all business activities.
  5. A pro-active approach should be implemented in all planning, development, decisions, and evaluations.
  6. All authority levels of the Corporation shall ensure that their actions carry out the spirit and intent of the Pinehouse Business Charter.